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Long before we began our business in gourmet chocolate delivery, our founders set out for San Francisco and New York to sell their delicious Royal Riviera® Pears to the most elite businessmen. We still grow those famous pears in our orchards in Southern Oregon, and we pick those pears by hand. Today, we remain committed to that hands-on touch.

We make our gourmet chocolate by hand in our own candy kitchen here in Southern Oregon. There, our candymakers and chocolatiers expertly craft all kinds of delicious treats. We offer the most delicious, rich, and creamy fine chocolates for the holidays and for every other season. We know they are the most delicious confections in the market, because we craft our gourmet chocolate from a secret blend that hasn’t changed in more than 30 years. We’ve got a wide array of gourmet specialty chocolate and classic sweets for the holiday season and for every occasion you can imagine. In fact, a chocolate delivery makes any celebration even better.

Have our chocolate gifts delivered to mark milestones such as birthdays, anniversaries, or graduations. Send someone a gourmet chocolate gift for the holidays or to help celebrate any special time of the year. Have chocolate gifts delivered as a hostess gift or simply as a delicious way to say "I’m thinking of you.