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##Relish & Chutney Delivery When you are gearing up for a season of entertaining, Harry & David is your source for appetizers, hors d’oeuvres, and gourmet sauces. Our gourmet relishes, such as sweet pepper relish and sweet pepper and onion relish, are wonderful on their own or as spreads for appetizers, and they make fabulous additions to recipes. Our relishes are made with the finest ingredients, and their complex flavors are perfectly balanced; they add an amazing complexity to many dinner favorites. These relishes are also wonderful condiments, elevating a simple hamburger or chicken burger to gourmet entrée.

##Fruit & Pepper Relish Fruit relish is a classic addition to appetizers and more, but we have even more options to explore. Our chutney sauce is another favorite. Serve a spoonful of chutney straight from the jar with any traditional Indian curry to delight guests, or add our chutney sauce to cream cheese to make a marvelous party dip for appetizers. And as is true of our relishes, our chutney sauce, when mixed with a little mayonnaise, elevates many types of sandwiches, adding that sweet and savory touch. Try it on grilled cheese sandwiches, for example. Chutney sauce is wonderful with lamb and game meats, too, and it’s great for glazing.

Because our gourmet sauces and relishes are so versatile, they make outstanding cooking gifts. Thrill your foodie friends with chutney gifts, jars of sweet pepper relish, and sweet pepper and onion relish. Consider putting together a gift basket of perfect cooking gifts.