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Feature Fruit: Plums

Delightfully sweet and tart, our delicious plums are the perfect treat for late summer and early fall. These rich and versatile fruits can be eaten on their own, on top of salads, baked into goodies, or poached and served with ice cream. Each tasty fruit is handpicked and packed with care to ensure they withstand the rigors of shipping. Enjoy them all to yourself or send them as a thoughtful, health-conscious gift.


After months of anticipation, our Royal Riviera® Pear harvest has finally begun! Once they’re handpicked, they go right into cold storage for a minimum of 30 days. This process ensures they’ll develop the high level of sugar and juiciness that sets our Royal Riviera® Pears apart from all other pears.



It’s the perfect season to enjoy delicious stone fruits. This month, we’re shipping Black Kat plums and nectarines grown in California. We’ll also be shipping peaches grown in Washington and California.


This month, we’re shipping Angélys and d’Anjou pears grown in New Zealand, as well as Taylor’s Gold and Bartlett pears grown in California. At the end of the month, we’ll start shipping our famous Royal Riviera® Pears.


Starting in September, we’ll be shipping bright and juicy HoneyBells grown in Peru.


Treat yourself or someone special to wholesome, crunchy apples. Throughout the month, we’re shipping Smitten apples grown in New York, Michigan, Washington, and New Zealand, Braeburn apples grown in Washington, and Empire apples grown in New York.

Specialty Vegetables

Our featured vegetable this month is Kabocha squash that’s grown in California. This hearty vegetable can be roasted and added to dishes or blended for a savory soup. To add some additional color to your plate, we’re also shipping avocados from Mexico, white asparagus from Peru, and green tomatoes from California.

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