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Gourmet Crackers & Chips

Whether you’re hosting a party or settling in for snack time, make it delicious with gourmet chips and crackers.

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Gourmet Crackers

Nothing completes a party spread like gourmet crackers and chips from Harry & David. With a variety of options ranging from premium tortilla chips to baguette crisps as well as perfectly paired gifts, there’s something for everyone to dip, crunch, and enjoy. Having Harry & David crackers and chips delivered right to your door takes the stress and guesswork out of special-occasion planning and shopping. Just relax and enjoy the perfect gourmet crackers and snacks paired with our other party-perfect snacks and appetizers, like gourmet dips, relishes, salsas, and artisanal cheeses. Gourmet crackers in flavors like Rosemary Parmesan are the perfect showcase for Harry & David® Pepper and Onion Relish, homemade bruschetta, tapenade, or other family-favorite recipes. And of course, there’s no more classic savory treat than crackers and cheese. You can even add thin slices of Royal Riviera® Pears for a truly symphonic flavor combination.

Gourmet Chips

If you’re looking for something to add a little extra snap to your day, gourmet chips and snack mixes from Harry & David are sure to lend a vibrant and satisfying crunch to any occasion, from parties to work meetings and beyond. With varieties ranging from classic Tortilla Chips to Rice Cracker Snack Mix and Bayou Blend snack mix, you can enjoy a range of exceptional flavors.